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Sequins And Sparkles

Sequins are my new love, and evidently everyone else’s too. There are millions of pieces this year adorned with sequins: black, silver, gold, white sparkles everywhere. I simply cannot claim them to be a fresh and original statement anymore, but I cannot help but cherish my sequin trousers. An oldie-buy, from last summer, but paired with my new velvet flats: a twinkly, snazzy outfit for Christmas Day!

Now I’m off to the sales, wish me luck! X

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Happy Christmas Everybody!

Happy Christmas Everybody! Hope you all had a fantastic day! Look out for another outfit post super soon!

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December 25, 2011 · 8:30 pm

Home for Christmas

Oh, how I miss the sunshine. Winter weather is dreadful, always grey, always gloomy and always cold. Though frankly, I love driving home in the rain, especially during the christmas holidays. Magical christmas lights, sparkles and raindrops on the windows.

I sing this song to pass the time away, driving in my car, driving home for christmas. Top to toe in tail-lights.

Driving home for Christmas…

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Final preparations for the festive season during this last week before Christmas led me to the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market this weekend.

I adore markets, fairs and fetes and bazaars. Practicality has never been my forte though, and every year I am always either a wadrobe-disaster in numerous knitted garments, or presentable but completely frozen. This year was no exception.

I looked simple, but somewhat presentable, however I was ready to leave, as soon as I arrived. I was frosty, much like the beloved snowman. After a small purchase of ribbons and a few decorations, I hastily left to return to my well-heated motor-vehicle.

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Another one of those quickie posts. I promise I will soon post more outfits, but for now, just a catch-up.
Before you voice any antagoism for my absence, I have (not terribly good) excuses. Mostly, it has just been utter carnage. The festive season is upon us, and this means a careful juggle of studying, shopping and socialising, which I’ve always been awful at. Although the holidays have finally begun, I have already admitted defeat. A 4-hour last-minute christmas shopping trip has rendered me haggard and worn-out, and I was near tears from frustration whilst dashing between Zara and H&M, and John Lewis. Phew! What a day.

Time to nurse my newly broken nail, with hot chocolate and a classic “Friends” episode. Season’s Greetings! X

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Sunset on her breath

Winter brings me cold, grey Sunday mornings. Often, I stay snuggled in bed all weekend, the lazy oaf that I am, but when I do venture out, I absolutely love the weather. I won’t be silly sentimental, but winter equates to warm wool coats of which I adore.



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Quickie shout out for my friend Fi. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!


December 3, 2011 · 9:58 pm