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Jerry Springer and Ice-cream Vans

At age 18, obviously liberty and independance is gained, most often in the form of booze and smokes. But after some savvy googling, I found that at Eighteen, there are oodles of other new-found freedom too! There are a bundle of things to do, such as: starring on Jerry Springer, driving ice-cream vans, obtaining a credit-card (say goodbye to responsible spending!), applying for a blockbuster membership, paying taxes, etc.

I’m definitely not against boozing, but there’s very many other ways to mark this milestone, without being a total drunkzilla. Counting down the hours to adulthood… xo

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Congrats Queenie!

The over-abundance of Street Parties, a healthy obsession with those Patriotically coloured M&Ms, together with all those televised pageants and parades, I’m relishing all the Jubilee celebrations. Unfortunately though, Britannia-Fever did not favour me with any style-inspiration; I celebrated instead with Union-Jack Nail-wraps, and relished a bank-holiday break from revision, with a traditional Cup of Tea, and my Fortnum & Masons Jubilee Biscuits.


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Dance with Me, ‘Cause there is Beauty in the World

The unwelcome hurdle that separates me from the joyous summer holidays is once again imminent; and so mid-exam season, I have only a perfunctory post to satisfy the thirst induced by the recent absence of promised photos.

A tribute to Vidal Sassoon, who’s recent death has caused ripples in the fashion-world. He was truly an artist that “changed the world with a pair of scissors”. His signature cut: The Bob (originally designed for another pioneering stylist, Mary Quant), not only drastically changed Fashion in the sixties, but it continues to inspire millions even today. His avant-garde approach to hair-styling has inspired the feeling of personal freedom for women, and revolutionised the world of hair-styling.

More Photos

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Make it through, just stay strong

Post-orthodontial appointment (the inaugural step of a 18-month afflicting ordeal), I’m having feelings of doom and gloom. A swift, easy-breezy, effortless procedure to insert little screws as anchors for ensuing braces became an encumbering and irksome process with enough local-anestheia to knock out a giant (but not five-foot me evidently). I hope they stay secure and functional, and that I won’t have to endure this again. Already I’m feeling despondency.

Hang on, little screws, hang on!


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About your hair, you needn’t care

Yesterday marked a bi-annual milestone: a visit to the hairdresser. And so, after a sporadic Saturday-Breakfast of bacon and poached-egg on Ciabatta, I hurried to my midday appointment at The Cutting Co. (And boy, do they cut!)

Always have I loathed the pressure and hassle of changing my hairstyle, and together with the stress of explaining explicitly the cut I desire, means I usually keep these affairs to a minimum. I detest consigning such a dramatic responsibility to a stranger, and the awkward small-talk has always stumped me; not to mention the peculiar situation where a stranger’s hands are attached to my scalp. But, the venture of late had not been cataclysmic, nor catastrophic, I’m pleased to report. And, the result? A sleek, slick, newly-spruced long-bob with a straight blunt fringe.

Coming Soon: photos and style post, as well as a summary of S/S ’12 trends. Stay tuned, foxy ladies (and men)! xo

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Happy I can be

Having always been a Patternphile, my wardrobe predominantly consists of printed pieces. No matter paisley or plaid, checked or striped, polka-dotty or speckled, and even floral: I adore them all! And, this year’s trend of tropical print is no exception;  palm-tree prints have me hot-under-the-collar.

With a heavy dash of vivid colour, this flamboyant and bold print has taken the Spring trends by storm, appearing in numerous S/S ’12 collections from Salvatore Ferragamo to Josephy Altuzarra, and not forgetting Christophe Lemaire’s audacious palm-leaf printed Pajama-suit. I am already dreaming of summer holidays in the exotic tropics!

A nod towards this exotic trend in my new pair of bright, jazzy printed trousers from Zara, paired with a frayed knitted pastel jacket and a transparent tote (à la Prada).

To end, just a cursory comment: I’m over-the-moon hunky-dory happy from the recent augmentation of readers/followers. Merci beaucoup for the support! And please keep reading!

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Close my eyes, it’s all I see

I’m hating on my laptop, it’s always misbehaving. Enduring some serious angst and frustration and distress from technological problems; I wanted to post this yesternight. Well, regardless, here it is…finally!

Details from my outfit on Friday-night for dinner with friends, and photos soon! Hope everyone is having a groovy weekend! xoxo


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