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Cold Days, Warm Days and those Days in Between

I’m delighted by the arrival of Spring, but I’m waiting for Summer with open arms. The Weather is fickle, and whilst I’ve had the ability to dress myself since aged 2, to do so stylishly is still a challenge. I’m always too cold, or too hot (much like the porridge Goldilocks encountered in the Three Bear’s house – I never seem to chance upon the perfect temperature though, to my disdain).

To further augment my dilemma, a day-trip in an unfamiliar city with obscuro-weather. And this week’s trip to London-town was no different. Donning high-waisted trousers, a silk shirt and denim jacket: snazzy, I thought, simple and warm. Yet I still ended up juggling my chunky scarf in one hand, my jacket in the other, and my Louis Vuitton balanced precariously on my shoulder.

My solution? Regulate body temperature with a little help from a Starbucks Coffee, available hot or iced. A delicious alternative to always having an armful of outer-wear.

Also, a hint for future references: should you wish to encounter Faris Badwan from the Horrors on your travels, linger in Leicester Square. He has been spotted.

Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Aldo, Socks: Topshop, Jacket: Uniqlo

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Bitter Frost

It’s winter, and the freezing temperatures are to be expected, yet the chilly weather still confound me.

Yesterday, I hoped to take some photos for my next style post, but the cold merely forced me to return home, with few poor photographs. Today again, the frosty morning led me to dress in a very mundane black pinafore, and woolly tights. I detest the cold weather. x


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Home for Christmas

Oh, how I miss the sunshine. Winter weather is dreadful, always grey, always gloomy and always cold. Though frankly, I love driving home in the rain, especially during the christmas holidays. Magical christmas lights, sparkles and raindrops on the windows.

I sing this song to pass the time away, driving in my car, driving home for christmas. Top to toe in tail-lights.

Driving home for Christmas…

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Final preparations for the festive season during this last week before Christmas led me to the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market this weekend.

I adore markets, fairs and fetes and bazaars. Practicality has never been my forte though, and every year I am always either a wadrobe-disaster in numerous knitted garments, or presentable but completely frozen. This year was no exception.

I looked simple, but somewhat presentable, however I was ready to leave, as soon as I arrived. I was frosty, much like the beloved snowman. After a small purchase of ribbons and a few decorations, I hastily left to return to my well-heated motor-vehicle.

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