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Shine, Shine On

The Kooks – Shine On

Just like every girl, I crave to possess natural beauty. I have always been envious of those gloriously beautiful girls – a side-effect from my (healthy) addiction to fashion magazines – now, I fear, my envy of roll-out-of-bed-photo-ready-beautiful women is soon developing into full-fledged, desperate jealousy.

The parade of beautiful women whom I have come to admire, and perhaps even idolise is endless, and forever changing. This week, Marilyn Monroe has claimed a front row seat. Her iconic image in that incorrigible white halter-dress is unforgettable, even after fifty years, but what enchanted me most was Marilyn, sans sexy.

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Home for Christmas

Oh, how I miss the sunshine. Winter weather is dreadful, always grey, always gloomy and always cold. Though frankly, I love driving home in the rain, especially during the christmas holidays. Magical christmas lights, sparkles and raindrops on the windows.

I sing this song to pass the time away, driving in my car, driving home for christmas. Top to toe in tail-lights.

Driving home for Christmas…

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Onyx and Charcoal

Black, grey, navy. The colours that everyone seems to be wearing all the time now that the darkness of the winter-months has descended. But, honestly, who can avoid this faultless, effortless trick when dressing in gloomy morning-darkness? I’m guilty of dressing in monotones too.

Fear not, though. We don’t all have to walk around as winter-clichés. Take inspiration from “Par-delà Les Nuages” shoot – by David Sims – in Vogue Paris (Octobre 2011).

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