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Bitter Frost

It’s winter, and the freezing temperatures are to be expected, yet the chilly weather still confound me.

Yesterday, I hoped to take some photos for my next style post, but the cold merely forced me to return home, with few poor photographs. Today again, the frosty morning led me to dress in a very mundane black pinafore, and woolly tights. I detest the cold weather. x


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Home for Christmas

Oh, how I miss the sunshine. Winter weather is dreadful, always grey, always gloomy and always cold. Though frankly, I love driving home in the rain, especially during the christmas holidays. Magical christmas lights, sparkles and raindrops on the windows.

I sing this song to pass the time away, driving in my car, driving home for christmas. Top to toe in tail-lights.

Driving home for Christmas…

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Sunset on her breath

Winter brings me cold, grey Sunday mornings. Often, I stay snuggled in bed all weekend, the lazy oaf that I am, but when I do venture out, I absolutely love the weather. I won’t be silly sentimental, but winter equates to warm wool coats of which I adore.



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Mornings Lost to the Clouds

Introduced by Christian Dior in his first collection in 1947. A modern, radical idea originally, this avant-garde silhouette brought out to replace hobble skirts have now evolved into an indispensable element in every woman’s wadrobe. Can you guess?

Vogue 1950

I have a fondness for 1950s fashion, but the rediscovery of the pencil skirt for my own wadrobe was really prompted by its plentiful appearances on catwalks this winter. Particular inspiration for me sprung from Preen’s psychedelic-geometric printed silk pencil skirt.

Continuez, s’il vous plaît!

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Onyx and Charcoal

Black, grey, navy. The colours that everyone seems to be wearing all the time now that the darkness of the winter-months has descended. But, honestly, who can avoid this faultless, effortless trick when dressing in gloomy morning-darkness? I’m guilty of dressing in monotones too.

Fear not, though. We don’t all have to walk around as winter-clichés. Take inspiration from “Par-delà Les Nuages” shoot – by David Sims – in Vogue Paris (Octobre 2011).

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