(So-called) Investments

Armed with a plethora of (rather rubbish) excuses, I’m ready to dive, head-first, back into blogging (for the third time). So, with an indisposed bank balance, lousy prioritising and a healthy fashion-addiction, begins my favourite season.

With April underway and May around the corner, my winter-blues are thawing out and I can finally contemplate a transition into Spring/Summer wardrobe. And, that means only one thing: shopping! Having scrutinised this season’s trends – with the help from my three dependable, faithful, veracious companions: Vogue, Elle and Marie-Claire – I embarked on my annual-Easter style-renewal expedition. Never having been decisive though, I just hope that I’ve invested in some felicitous additions to my wardrobe.

Photos to come! Stay tuned xoxo


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Cold Days, Warm Days and those Days in Between

I’m delighted by the arrival of Spring, but I’m waiting for Summer with open arms. The Weather is fickle, and whilst I’ve had the ability to dress myself since aged 2, to do so stylishly is still a challenge. I’m always too cold, or too hot (much like the porridge Goldilocks encountered in the Three Bear’s house – I never seem to chance upon the perfect temperature though, to my disdain).

To further augment my dilemma, a day-trip in an unfamiliar city with obscuro-weather. And this week’s trip to London-town was no different. Donning high-waisted trousers, a silk shirt and denim jacket: snazzy, I thought, simple and warm. Yet I still ended up juggling my chunky scarf in one hand, my jacket in the other, and my Louis Vuitton balanced precariously on my shoulder.

My solution? Regulate body temperature with a little help from a Starbucks Coffee, available hot or iced. A delicious alternative to always having an armful of outer-wear.

Also, a hint for future references: should you wish to encounter Faris Badwan from the Horrors on your travels, linger in Leicester Square. He has been spotted.

Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Aldo, Socks: Topshop, Jacket: Uniqlo

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It’s time to get the Bloggie-Ball rolling again, and after having spent most of February grappling with the new S/S ’12 trends, here is a (very) surprising trend of this season that I’ve yet to come to terms with. The Pyjama Suit.

Image via vogue.com

I have never been a fan of Stella McCartney yet, her introduction of the pyjama-suit – in Paisley no less (a pattern favourite of mine, being an addict of prints) – is either brilliantly hideous, or hideously brilliant. Rendering many incredulous responses from most observers, and somewhat embellished by its “suit” suffix, pour moi, I love this upbeat stylish update on last year’s jumpsuit.

Aside from the practicality of being able to jump straight out/into bed throughout the day, the “suit” seems to be a silky luxurious dream that is ready-to-wear. A promising trend, though it is definitely not for the faint-hearted (clearly not for me). Paired with a structured blazer and the befitting accessories (courage and possibly a metallic choker) a sleek, sassy, swanky statement suit for Spring 2012.

A perfect excuse for wearing pyjamas to work.

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I Love…

Mary Katrantzou x Topshop CollaborationIMG_0419A highstreet collaboration with one of my favourite designers; admiration from afar though, as it is still much too expensive for poor little me.

LoveWhether you’re someone’s sweetheart or not,  Valentines’ Day is the sweetest holiday. I love it. Happy Love Day everyone!

Yayoi KusamaI adore Yayoi Kusama’s wacky patterns. Her exhibition at Tate Modern opened on 9th February, I can’t wait to see it!

Indulgent TreatsI’m loving the chocolate dessert from Gü, but also these scrumptious salted Caramel macarons (recipe  from Cupcakes & Cashmere)

Outrageous Footwear

Images via 1 2 3 4 5

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Another Blast from the Past

Truthfully, I have never had good experience bumping into old acquaintances – does anyone?

Today’s blast from the past was no exception. I’m never prepared, and I’d love to say I was chic, articulate and maybe even witty, but in reality my hair was a mess, my lips chapped from the cold winter air, and worst of all, dreadfully dressed in too-small sportswear from old school days. I meekly dashed away after the compulsory 5-second stare.

I am no boy scout, and have never adopted the ethos of “always being prepared”, ergo I’m accustomed to occasional awkward encounters. But enough is enough, this absurdity must end, I’ve finally seen sense, and in future? Always wear Mascara. That’s the ethos I will live by forever more.

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New Year, New Wadrobe? I think not.

I am utterly bewildred by the supposed new season. The weather is still chilly, and I fear it will be even colder later this week. As the all-knowing, omniscent weather-man of BBC stated we have very cold nights ahead, and we should expect hard frost and freezing temperatures.

It’s impossible to convert to a spring wadrobe so soon, yet the bombardment of the new season fashion has already appeared. I’m dazed and puzzled. With the bitterly cold arctic air – thanks to the “easterly winds of Siberia” (!) – I doubt a migration into a spring wadrobe is imminent. Though, as Louis Pasteur once said, fortune favours the prepared mind, so I propose a forecast (in lieu of glum, gloomy weather) of favourites from the S/S ’12 trends. Voilà!

Printed Perennials







There’s more…!

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Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday

Ever had one of those monotonous weeks where everyday was just a repeat of the day before? My week consisted of a never-ending sleep-school-revision cycle. But finally, it’s Friday! I broke the blah-boring pattern, ignoring all guilt sprung from neglecting revision, and dragged myself into town for some much needed pick-me-up retail therapy. A quick scurry around Topshop and Warehouse, but now back home, in time, for another new “New Girl” episode and a mug of piping-hot cappucino. Good stuff! xoxo

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