Another Blast from the Past

Truthfully, I have never had good experience bumping into old acquaintances – does anyone?

Today’s blast from the past was no exception. I’m never prepared, and I’d love to say I was chic, articulate and maybe even witty, but in reality my hair was a mess, my lips chapped from the cold winter air, and worst of all, dreadfully dressed in too-small sportswear from old school days. I meekly dashed away after the compulsory 5-second stare.

I am no boy scout, and have never adopted the ethos of “always being prepared”, ergo I’m accustomed to occasional awkward encounters. But enough is enough, this absurdity must end, I’ve finally seen sense, and in future? Always wear Mascara. That’s the ethos I will live by forever more.


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One response to “Another Blast from the Past

  1. Fiona Mashford

    which mascara though, that is the question! Waterproof gets extra boy scout points.

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