Shine, Shine On

The Kooks – Shine On

Just like every girl, I crave to possess natural beauty. I have always been envious of those gloriously beautiful girls – a side-effect from my (healthy) addiction to fashion magazines – now, I fear, my envy of roll-out-of-bed-photo-ready-beautiful women is soon developing into full-fledged, desperate jealousy.

The parade of beautiful women whom I have come to admire, and perhaps even idolise is endless, and forever changing. This week, Marilyn Monroe has claimed a front row seat. Her iconic image in that incorrigible white halter-dress is unforgettable, even after fifty years, but what enchanted me most was Marilyn, sans sexy.

My curiosity was not entirely unfounded, and was inaugurated much like most of my short-term fascinations, a newspaper article I had stumbled across at lunchtime. A tribute to Eve Arnold, the legendary photographer, who had passed away over a week ago, or really just a particular segment detailling her and Marilyn’s association. My admiration for Eve is completely whole-hearted, and not only due to her many accomplishments, impressive that they are, but from her connection to the many women she had photographed. As evidence, her documentation of Marilyn, throughout her career, is absolutely magnificent.The pictures of Marilyn “off-duty” displays an effortless beauty. Perhaps the type which we all dream of possessing.

I love Eve’s photographs for their simplicity. She captured Marilyn, not as the ostentatious, oversexualised actress, but purely a beautiful, stunning women. Her photos, I believe, remind us that simple true beauty is always hidden.

Not all of us have Eve Arnold to take dazzling pictures of us, but all we really need is confidence and a smile, right? I hope so. xoxo

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  1. Fiona Mashford

    just sayin’ 😉 (without the romantic undertones…)

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