Laughing Around Your Silly Little Jokes

Friday night, Party Night, right? For me, it’s more Fri-Gay, than Fri-YAY.

With my first exam over (a very stressful Chemistry module retake), I headed to my friend’s house armed with a scrumptious takeaway and several magazines, ready to gabble about my demanding, wearisome week. We ended up drowning our surrows with chocolate chip cookies and a ukelele session; and even though my Friday night is no outrageous, spectacular party night, I still had a marvelous time. Sometimes, all you need is a little help from your friends (and the satisfaction from mastering the four chords that make up an entire ‘Noah and the Whale’ Song – my fingertips deserve a well-earned rest).

With a sad weekend of work and revision ahead of me, hope your weekend forecast is much sunnier than mine. xoxo

Noah and the Whale – Five Years Time

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One response to “Laughing Around Your Silly Little Jokes

  1. Fiona Mashford

    NOAH AND THE WHALE ❤ Lol, my weekend is the same 😉 xxx

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