I been sleeping for forty days

New Year, New Term; how I miss the holidays, the first week back at school and the fatigue has clouded my already-absurd judgement. Already having confusing my iPod for my calculator, mistaking the identification of simple colours (green, orange – there is little difference between them as far as I could tell) and intermittently losing my train-of-thought throughout my three days back to school, I have little confidence I will survive my imminent exams next week.

My progress on my new year’s resolution (to be less “Lazy Oaf” and more “Busy Bee”) is already slipping and sliding out of control, and I fear this weekend will again be dedicated to catching up on restful “Zzzz”. Believe it or not, however, I’m definitely glad to have my daily routine back and to regain my motivation – as evidence I have a new style post waiting to be uploaded this weekend! Hope you all had a restful holiday, and neither fretful nor stressful being back at school/work. X



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2 responses to “I been sleeping for forty days

  1. Fiona Mashford

    well if you feel like giving in to your lazier, oafier instincts, you know where to find a kindred spirit 😉

  2. Ellie

    at least your “zzzzz” will help with your busy BEE resolution!

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