Capes, Cloaks and Ponchos

No longer reserved for Superhero costumes at Halloween, or even HarryPotter-themed parties. It’s been ‘in’ and it’s been ‘out’, but me, I have total loyalty to cloaks, capes and ponchos.
Perfect to drape over a little sequin dress, or even skinny jeans and a casual jumper. It could be woolen, or tartan, or even tweed. A bold statement for Autumn 2011. (See “Spirit of Albion” in Harper’s Bazaar – October 2011 for inspiration!)

Sketch of Lanvin's Satin-trimmed Wool Cape, A/W 2011

Ā C’est chic, non?


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3 responses to “Capes, Cloaks and Ponchos

  1. Fiona Mashford

    Did you draw this? It’s really cute!

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